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The next time I take it into my head to hand-code a super elaborate layout for a fanmix...I really, really, really need to remember how freaking hard it is! Tables are really, really not my strength.

In other news, I am slowly working on finishing the half-finished stuff I owe lots of people (principally beckyh2112, deborah_judge and fawatson). \o/

Easter Sunday

SFF short story not-quite-a-rec (but not an anti-rec) for Easter:
Salvation by Lawrence Person

Warning: do not read this story if you are feeling happy, and especially not if you're feeling happy about Easter and salvation and things. I don't want to harsh anyone's squee. I read this story while trying to dig up the link for The Pride of Knossos last Friday, and subsequently spent quite a portion of the Easter Vigil mass feeling vaguely nauseous and unhappy.

Theologically, the scenario doesn't work at all (and thank God, very literally, for that!), but psychologically it's pretty powerful and flat-out terrifying. What would people do in that scenario? The most terrifying probable answer is "exactly what they do in the story."

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Good Friday

SFF short story rec for Good Friday:
The Pride of Knossos by Andrew M. Seddon

Also, Holy Week is the best time of the Church year for depressed people. Or at least for depressed me. It was good for me last year, and it's being good for me this year.
"For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."


Fannish Jeepneys (which is...basically 75% of all jeepneys...)

There are so many gorgeous jeepneys on Aurora Boulevard. I love how much prettier the newfangled airbrushed decorating style is than the older cut-out-sticker-paper style! The subtle shading and the richer colors that they can get with the airbrush are really great. And of course, the subjects of the paintings make the jeepneys a feast for the fannish eyes: I saw a Kenshin, a Gojyo, two Squalls and a Rinoa, a Yuna, a Vash the Stampede, several Spider-Men, Hanamichi Sakuragi, the Fellowship of the Ring, Disney's Ariel, the fairy godmother from Cinderella, a Superman-S-shield front grill (awesome!), an Autobot faction symbol, a Kyuubi!Naruto, Nina from Tekken, a number of orcish-looking things that I vaguely assume to be from World of Warcraft, and Son Goku doing a Kame-hame-ha (or "Kame-hame-wave," to be nostalgic) alongside an unidentifiable Super Saiyan.

(This gushing over jeepneys was inspired by having to wait half an hour at the Aurora Blvd. LRT station to get a taxi; fortunately, it was easy for fannish me to look on the bright side and entertain myself with all the jeepneys passing by.)

Someone's picture of an airbrush-painted jeepney. See anyone you know? :D
(Also, parang familiar yata itong jeepney ah. *squints* Dumadaan kaya siya sa UP Campus?)

In other news, I am excessively pleased with my new default icon. *preens* I've gone so long without having a default icon because I just couldn't find one that I really liked, but I've really bonded with this one. :D

sailove <3!

Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello, dear Yuletide Writer, and thank you so very much in advance for writing for me! ♥
I babble a lot in this letter, but it's just to give you inspiration and possibilities; I hope it doesn't pressure you in any way! Just write a fic that will be fun for you to write, and I'm sure I'll love it!

I guess I should give you some idea of my fanfic likes and dislikes...

Likes (in no particular order, some mutually exclusive, and all definitely not required!):
Character interaction
Use of bits of canon in interesting or unexpected ways
Sweetness or fluff
Cute or funny hijinks as a substitute for plot!
Crossovers (I adore crossovers, even with fandoms I've never heard of, so feel free to do that if you like!)
Slash, het, AND gen (I'm not usually much into femslash, but I will totally understand if the Oglaf request goes in that direction!)
I have a guilty soft spot for emotional melodrama, but understated relationships where the affection is never openly stated are great too.

Darkfic (some degree of bittersweetness or darkness or tragedy is fine, but I don't really like overwhelming hopelessness or pain)
Pure smut or plot-what-plot; extremely detailed sex scenes (I have no real objection to NC-17 scenes, but I generally prefer to skim over them in favor of character development or plot)

Embarrassment (characters making fools of themselves or being made fools of in front of others)
Ostracism/Bullying (characters being rejected and made fun of for not fitting into a group) -- I can take it as a minor plot point, but please nothing major!

And now some babbling about my requests--expanding on them, why I requested them, why I like them, etc.!

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Thanks in advance again, and I hope you have fun! ♥

Inner Voice's inner Goth. XD

Public Service Announcement

I owe a lot of people a lot of things. I owe beckyh2112 a fanmix, I owe my adviser a thesis draft, I owe mythicbeast and the rest of my RL friends proof that I am actually alive and have not been kidnapped by aliens, I owe a lot of other people a lot of other things (mainly variations on the theme of "I apologize for being a complete and utter flake").

I have not forgotten about any of these things that I owe people. Not for lack of trying, either.

Plato's epigram on Dion

Because I just spent a good two hours digging up the provenance of this thing (since the epigrams are NEVER included in "works of Plato" type collections, not even in the sections about spurious or apocryphal works or the letters!) I might as well inflict my findings on others.

The dedication page of The Mask of Apollo by Mary Renault:

Tears were for Hekabê, friend, and for Ilion’s women,

Spun into the dark Web on the day of their birth,

But for you our hopes were great, and great the triumph,

Cancelled alike by the gods at the point of glory.

Now you lie in your own land, now all men honor you—

But I loved you, O Diôn!


(Translation by Dudley Fitts)

This epigram of Plato’s is known to us from Lives of the Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laërtius, who cites
On the Luxury of the Ancients (attributed to Aristippus; only the quotations in Laertius are preserved today) as his source.

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, Book III: PlatoEnglishGreekthe quote from Aristippus begins at [29]. This quote also provides the epigrams that are the basis of the existence of Plato’s beloved Aster, who appears in The Last of the Wine.)

original Greek text:
δάκρυα μ
ν κάβ τε κα λιάδεσσι γυναιξ
Μοραι πέκλωσαν δ τότε γεινομέναις,
σο δέ, Δίων, έξαντι καλν πινίκιον ργων
δαίμονες εροίας λπίδας ξέχεαν.
κεσαι δ ερυχόρ ν πατρίδι τίμιος στος,
μν κμήνας θυμν ρωτι Δίων.

(another translation, which designates it “Epigram III,” presumably because it is the third in order of appearance in Laertius’ text.)

ETA: The reason that I'm doing this is because I've conceived of the extremely ambitious project of making an annotated version of The Mask of Apollo.  I now have more than a page worth of annotation and I haven't even gotten past this epigram on Dion.  SEND HELP.
(I think I'll be doing this one chapter at a time, if only to preserve my sanity.  Also, I should pick the collective brains of maryrenaultfics  for each chapter.)