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Dear Yuletide Writer! - now with actual content!

Hi there, dear Yuletide Writer! Please be assured that I love and adore you already and am thrilled that you'll be writing something for me. :D

I'm going to put a proper letter here soon, but I've got to run out the door right now. So if you're the kind of Yuletide Writer who likes having a letter--watch this space!

Hi again! I'm sorry for the delay in getting the content of this letter up. If you've already started writing, that's perfectly fine with me; if you're still poking at different ideas looking for inspiration (like I am), maybe this will help you out a bit!

Things I Like (in no particular order, some mutually exclusive, and all definitely not required!):
Character interaction
Use of bits of canon in interesting or unexpected ways
Sweetness or fluff
Cute or funny hijinks as a substitute for plot!
Crossovers (I adore crossovers, even with fandoms I've never heard of, so feel free to do that if you like!)
Slash, het, AND gen
I have a huge soft spot for emotional melodrama, but I also like understated relationships where the affection is never openly stated.

Things I Don't Really Like:
Darkfic (some degree of bittersweetness or darkness or tragedy is fine, but I don't really like overwhelming hopelessness or pain)
Pure smut or plot-what-plot; extremely detailed sex scenes (I have no objection to NC-17 scenes, but I generally prefer to skim over them in favor of character development or plot)

Things That Squick Me Hard:
Embarrassment (characters making fools of themselves or being made fools of in front of others)
Ostracism/Bullying (characters being rejected and made fun of for not fitting into a group)

Fandom: Mahabharatha - Vyasa
Character: Draupadi (Mahabharata)
Optional Details:
I would love to see some fic exploring Draupadi's experience of being a wife to five different men for one year each--how is a year as Yudhisthir's wife different from a year as Arjun's wife and different from a year as Bhim's wife, etc.? (I'd prefer that these be happy years, if possible...) Or if you prefer, I'm very open to the possibility of Draupadi/Karna, or I would also love gen fic with sibling bonding between Draupadi, Dhristadyumna and Sikhandi...

Okay, full disclosure, I am not at all well acquainted with the Mahabharata! My only experience with it is reading Romesh Dutt's verse translation, and after that sparked my interest, reading Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's "Palace of Illusions" as a follow-up. Divakaruni's book satisfied some of my need for MOAR DRAUPADI, but I could always use more! Again, I would especially love something about Draupadi's relationships with her husbands; it's an extremely unique situation that she finds herself in, and sadly Palace of Illusions doesn't spend too much time exploring it or portraying her marriage(s) in a positive light. The Draupadi/Karna and Draupadi+Dhristadyumna+Sikhandi ideas are somewhat inspired by Divakaruni's book, but please feel free to do anything you like with them; I'm not actually asking for Palace-of-Illusions-based fanfic, just whatever interesting takes on the Mahabharata you come up with!

Fandom: Millennium Actress
Characters: Tachibana Genya, Fujiwara Chiyoko
Optional Details:
I would love some fic with Genya and Chiyoko. I ship them, but it’s hard to imagine Chiyoko abandoning her search for the Artist, so I’d be perfectly happy with more of the movie dynamic, i.e. Genya happily supporting Chiyoko without any expectation of being requited. I would love “real world” fic (either with their young selves or older selves), but I would also love fic taking place in any of the movie universes—e.g. feudal-princess!Chiyoko and faithful-retainer!Genya, ninja!Chiyoko and ronin!Genya, etc.

Genya's unselfish devotion to Chiyoko breaks my heart in the best possible way. And he's a guy who deserves happiness, but I don't actually mind Chiyoko not returning his love, since her obsession with the Artist* is just such a part of who she is. In the real world, there's lots of unexplored possibilities in the past with young Genya and Chiyoko in the movie studio, and then the present with older Genya and Chiyoko is lovely-- sad, but also sweet and adorable in how much they both still love life, and how Genya can still be reduced to a blushing schoolboy in front of Chiyoko. And as for the movie-worlds...I love historical fiction, so anything set in the movie worlds would be right up my alley as well! It's very interesting, the different ways the Artist-Chiyoko-Genya triangle gets translated into different historical periods.

*by the way, he's in the tags as The Man With The Key since that's apparently his official designation, but IIRC the subtitles in the movie refer to him as The Artist, so... *shrugs*

Fandom: Kaze Hikaru
Character: Tominaga Sei | Kamiya Seizaburou
Optional Details:
I love playing with identities and disguises and perceptions, and I'd love an outsider's perspective on Sei--what does a shopkeeper, or a passerby, or a random Shinsengumi troop member think of "Kamiya Seizaburo"? If that doesn't work for you, anything about Sei would be awesome! I ship Sei/Souji; Sei and Akesato friendship fic would be fun; the prickly relationship between Sei and Hijikata is often hilarious...or heck, you're welcome to go for a crossover and show Sei meeting Hitokiri Battousai!

Instead of babbling on here, I'll just leave a link to a whole post I made about why I love Sei and why I love Kaze Hikaru. ^_^;;; Also, I love the series' focus on bushido and the unique mentality/worldview of the bushi, so any of the characters (bushi or non-bushi) coming to terms with this mentality would be great idea. I also love identities and disguises and characters only seeing part of the truth, or seeing more of the truth than they recognize/understand.

Fandom: Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington
Characters: Remington Martinez, Hannah Montano, Jigs
Optional Details:
Okay, so this movie was by no means perfect, but I really loved the characters and want to see more of them. And oh my gosh you guys, we were SO CLOSE to having an actual OT3 endgame! So. CLOSE. Someone just needs to hit that boy Remington with a clue-by-four re: the existence of bisexuality. (Jigs seems to be fairly comfortably bisexual, and Hannah would probably be cool with her boyfriend having a boyfriend.)
If you don’t want to write Hannah/Remington/Jigs, I would also love a fic about Remington’s parents post-movie. It's oddly sweet and adorable how they took the dad’s choice totally in stride by happily ogling men together. Or another idea: friendship fic about Lt. Martinez and Mimi? I don’t pretend to understand Mimi at all but she's adorable anyway.

Yeah, so I doubt you're here for Zombadings, since no one offered it. :P And I can't attempt to convert anyone to the fandom because there aren't any English subtitles (yet?). But just in case a fellow Pinoy stumbles across this letter... TIGNAN NIYO ANG CUTE NILA O -- OT3 TALAGA!

mag-google lang kayo ng Zombadings torrent at promise ko na meron. :P

Inner Voice
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