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Dear Secret Yuletide Santa:

Hello, Secret Santa, and thank you so very much in advance! ^__^

First of all, I'd like to apologize for my requests being so long...this is only my second year, and I'm still in the process of learning how to give good requests. I just hope that my babbling inspires you instead of intimidating or annoying you.

I guess I should give you a general idea of my fanfic likes and dislikes:
Likes (in no particular order, some mutually exclusive, and all definitely not required!):
character interaction
use of bits of canon in interesting or unexpected ways
melodrama (I have a guilty soft spot for 'OMG he/she totally hates me now, sob!'-and then it's revealed that the other person loved them all along!)
understated 'do you love me?' type relationships are good too
sweetness or fluff
bittersweetness (it may make me cry buckets, but I still like it)
plot (as opposed to non-plotty pure introspection)
crossovers (I adore crossovers, even with fandoms I've never heard of, so feel free to do that if you like)
the 'they-met-as-little-kids-but-don't-remember-it' trope (putting this one on the list is pretty random, but feel free to do it if you like)
darkfic (some degree of bittersweetness or darkness or tragedy is fine, but I don't really like overwhelming hopelessness or pain)
smut or plot-what-plot (if you want to put in sexual situations or make it NC-17 it's okay, but it just won't do very much for me)
embarrassment (a.k.a. characters making fools of themselves or being made fools of in front of others)


Homer - The Iliad and the Odyssey
Request: Something about Odysseus and his family set after the end of the Odyssey, please? I'd like to see how they adjust to each other after 20 years apart. Odysseus/Penelope would be lovely, Odysseus & Telemachus father-son bonding is great too, or a fic with all three of them. Basically I'd like to see Odysseus finally get the chance to be a family man after his long struggle to get back to them.
The epic pretty much fades to black on an implied happily-ever-after (with the slight stipulation of Odysseus someday needing to go find a place where the people would take his oar for a winnowing-fan and sacrifice there...and in fact, a fic about this incident would be great too!), but it occurred to me that there would have to be a period of serious adjustment. Penelope has been running her household alone for 20 years, how is she going to react to suddenly having a husband again? Telemachus has been dreaming of his father for 20 years, but what does he do now that he's got the reality? And the same goes for Odysseus himself; he's been trying to get home for 20 years, but what does he do now that he's there?

Kamikaze Girls (book or movie)
Ichigo Shirayuri/Momoko Ryugasaki
Request: I'd love to see Ichigo & Momoko dealing with some kind of disaster--earthquake, zombie invasion, nuclear winter--just to see how they'd handle it. (And also for the inevitable badass!Momoko, because Momoko is adorable in crazy-mode!) BUT I'd also be happy to see a more normal fic about how their friendship evolves over the years, or about how they deal with growing up. Anything from gen to subtle yuri/femslash is fine, but no explicit sex please! (Either book or movie canon is fine)
Okay, I realize that the "disaster movie" suggestion is pretty off-the-charts weird. Basically it sprang out of the scene in the movie where Momoko is swinging wildly at the biker girls, in slow motion with her "I wish I were born in the Rococo Era" internal monologue going. Watching that, it occurred to me that Momoko could possibly deal with anything as long as she had that monologue to comfort her. Also, the image of Ichigo and Momoko scootering through a post-apocalyptic landscape is an awesome one.
NOW, for the slightly more normal suggestions...I just love the two girls' friendship (and/or subtle romance if you interpret it that way). I also wonder what's going to happen in the future, since both book & movie left it pretty open-ended. Apparently most Yankis marry and become normal housewives ("By the age of 18 or 19, the life of a Yanki in his or her prime is winding down. Anyone who stays past the age of 20 is a loser, even by loser standards. The boys get blue-collar jobs in factories, and the Yanki girls get pregnant and become moms with dizzying speed.")--is that what happens to Ichigo? Or, what is Momoko's future as a dedicated Lolita? (or, heck, even "What happens when winter comes to Shimotsuma? How do Lolitas deal with winter?"...that would make a cute story)

Trese (comic)
Alexandra Trese/The Kambal
Request: Anything with these three! Maybe some backstory for the Kambal and how they ended up with Trese as their "bossing." Or just some interaction between the three of them, whether out on a case, hanging out at the Diabolical, or even at home (if the Kambal live with Trese). I'm specifically thinking of gen interaction, but if you WANT to make it a threesome, feel free.
Uh, okay, no one offered this one but I'll babble anyway. XD
Trese, in case you want to switch to writing this fandom, is a new supernatural/crime/horror comic book series being published in the Philippines (but written in English). A number of low-quality scans are available in the photo gallery of the fan page. If you happen to be in the Philippines, the comics are available in Powerbooks and (supposedly) National Bookstore, for the very reasonable price of P140 per volume (2 vols. so far, each with 4 chapters).
Now, about the request (in the unlikely event that anyone wants to write it): basically, Trese and the Kambal are just so great together, no matter what they happen to be doing. The three of them are totally focused and kickass while ghostbusting, but it was also unbearably adorable when Trese got grumpy at them for forgetting to buy her an espresso because they got distracted by a pair of pretty girls. Plus, the Kambal are currently backstoryless mystery figures--literally tall, dark and handsome, without even individual names! Alexandra Trese doesn't have much backstory herself, either. There's so much potential for exploration!

Mythology - Greek and Roman
Request: Dionysus/Pentheus slash, please! Because a *ridiculous* amount of Euripides' "The Bacchae" consists of Dionysus flirting with Pentheus.
Basically, go ahead and have fun forming your own vision of what Dionysus/Pentheus slash would be Dionysus being manipulative? Sensual? Is Pentheus angsting over wanting someone he despises? Does Pentheus tie Dionysus up, or does Dionysus take Pentheus out to the hills? Does this change how Pentheus ends up in "The Bacchae"? Does anyone put the pieces together and realize that they're cousins? And you're not required to answer any of these questions in your story, either. Just have fun!
(Also, the "I don't really like smut" note does NOT apply to this prompt. Smut is still not required, but feel free to make it as smutty as you like if the Muse takes you! The "no darkfic" note can also be scrapped, since it's based on a tragedy after all. And the "embarrassment squicks me" bit can go out the window too, since Dionysus was quite happy to make a mockery of Pentheus by fooling him into dressing up in women's clothes. Basically, no rules apply for this prompt. How Dionysian!)

Again, thank you so much for signing up for Yuletide and for being my Secret Yuletide Santa!

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