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25th Birthday

Sooooo, I'm 25 today. That's...kind of a terrifying thought. Um. Anyway.

Seems like I should post some kind of retrospective or something. Well, it'll be a little hard considering I've been in serious hikikomori mode for more than 2 years (yeah let's not talk about that right now, okay? okay.) but I'll do what I can.

Productive or Self-Improving Things I Have Done Since I Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth A While BackCollapse )

Fannish Output For The YearCollapse )

and now after all the awkward retrospective stuff:
It was going to be The Hobbit but then while looking up what time it was showing I ran into a banner ad for the RUROUNI KENSHIN LIVE ACTION MOVIE and nearly died of shock because I had been resigned to waiting for the DVD release but NO, IT IS ACTUALLY SHOWING IN SM CINEMAS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.


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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hi there, dear Yuletide Writer! I am so glad that you'll be writing something for me; whatever it is, thank you very much in advance and I am totally looking forward to whatever you come up with!

Yuletide Letter is under here!Collapse )

Thank you again, Yuletide Writer, and I hope that my letter helped you! In any case, please just have fun and enjoy yourself while writing the fic, and I'm sure I will love whatever you end up writing!

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The thing that keeps me from writing much fanfic is I'm just too lazy to write things down most of the time, so I'm not one of those people with lots of unfinished snippets of fic hanging around on their computer.

Or so I thought.

It turns out I have about 6,700 words of surprisingly good unfinished fic hanging around.

Which is about 6,000 more words than I have of unfinished thesis hanging around.

...I should probably go to the library and thesisize.

/is alive

/is still mostly in hiding

/is going to the library now >_>

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Hi there, dear Yuletide Writer! Please be assured that I love and adore you already and am thrilled that you'll be writing something for me. :D

I'm going to put a proper letter here soon, but I've got to run out the door right now. So if you're the kind of Yuletide Writer who likes having a letter--watch this space!

Hi again! I'm sorry for the delay in getting the content of this letter up. If you've already started writing, that's perfectly fine with me; if you're still poking at different ideas looking for inspiration (like I am), maybe this will help you out a bit!

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Inner Voice



[stuff will go here]
So burned out right now I cannot even. ;_;

(Okay, so I'm being overdramatic and I will feel a lot better after a couple of hours of sleep. But the reason I'm up at 4am in the first place is because I feel too wound up to sleep because there's SO MUCH TO DO AUGH.)

Tutoring this week has been pretty brutally hard because it's midterm exam time and we've got a crapton of students coming in to get reviewed. A crapton of HIGH SCHOOL students. With, among other things, HIGH SCHOOL MATH PROBLEMS oh God. It's been literally six years since I've seen sines or cosines or angles (ANGLES, ARGH) or mathematical proofs and my brain kind of whimpers in terror every time a new student pulls out a new mathy thing they want me to help them do.

So far I've been mostly able to dredge up enough memory of math to get them through the assignment (except that one Physics chapter. My student had pity on me and let me tutor her in economics instead). But it is really tiring. ;_;


[stuff will go here eventually]

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